The Breakfast Blog (Granola)

Blog 1 Series 1 08/08/2020

Hello! I’m Nixie.

This Blog is aimed at children and adults alike so whoever you are… Enjoy!

So this is my breakfast this morning. Yeah, it’s a weekend but I’m still not ready to have this meal defined as healthy- I mean ! Look at it!

Granola, fruit yoghurt, walnuts, strawberries- all very nice, but here’s how to get it higher up in those health charts and personalise it to suit you!

  1. Granola

Granola is so easy to make at home, all you need are… Oats, nuts and seeds, honey (don’t go overboard!), salt, spice, dried fruit, and any optional mix-ins of your choice!

2. Yoghurt

The healthiest way to do yoghurt is plain. But, if you’re anything like me you’ll need something to sweeten that yoghurt up and the answer to that is yet again honey, but you really don’t need much when it’s combined with such a sweet meal.

Another alternative option to fruit yoghurt is simply milk. Milk is not as creamy and luscious as yoghurt but many people would prefer it and it’s a much cheaper option.

3. Fruit

As you can probably now tell, I am a huge fan of home made food so the ultimate way to personalise your breakfast is add some home grown fruit to the mix. I personally suggest berries, but then again if they’re not your thing, then any fruit works.

4. Nuts

I know many people have severe allergies to nuts and many just dislike them so in those cases it’s fine to just leave them out completely, but if you don’t have any allergies then I would strongly reccomend trying out some nuts.

With granola and yoghurt I would reccomend pecans, walnuts and peanuts yet cashews work just as well.

Thank You for reading my blog, if you have any comments, things to improve or ideas for my next blog then please post them in the comments section.